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Jarod's paper on What Makes America Different?

From: Jarod Norton <>
Date: January 10, 2014 at 10:04:33 AM MST
To: Mama Bear <>
Subject: What Makes America Different?

What Makes America Different?

        In this paper I will discuss how America is a constitutional republic,
why it's not a democracy, and why having God given rights are important.
    In America the people have the sovereign power to make the laws; however, we choose people to represent us. A government based on representation is a republic. If we choose them based on principles they will make the choices that we would like them to make. If we elect them based on an issue we don't know what they'll do the next time.
    For example an issue would be a law that would force people to close stores on Sunday. A principle would be that store owners should have the liberty to make that  choice themselves.
    In a democracy everybody votes on every issue. Usually they don't choose based on principle because they don't have time to study the proposed law, so they listen to someone who tries to convince them how to vote. Aristotle said a democracy is the worst form of government.  
    A constitutional republic is where the representatives make laws that are in harmony with the constitution. In America not only does the Constitution come from the bible and other sources that wrote about God's laws, it also lists the rights God gave us. These rights include the Right to Bear Arms, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Religion, and freedom of Speech. This is important because it helps keep the people equal with their leaders.

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