Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fwd: Jonathan Norton's Book report on Albert Einstein

   Jonathan Norton's Book report on Albert Einstein childhood of famous Americans by Marie Hammontree
192 pages
The character that I am writing about is Albert Einstein.  I am writing about Albert Einstein because he is because he's curious,musical, and a genius. These are some qualities that I would like to have some day.

   This story is about Albert Einstein's many adventures. The book starts out with Einstein as a young child and then moves into him as an older adult. Einstein was a kid like everyone else. He like to visit with his cousins but he didn't like to practice his violin. He was very stubborn and his mom had to practically force him to practice until she told him that it was like mathematics and that the only way he would get better is by practicing. He liked animals and books. In fact all he wanted for his birthday was books. Albert Einstein and lots of questions. From the time he was a child to an adult. He always wanted to know how things worked. Like a compass for example. He was very curious but he didn't do that well in school at first. He didn't  like to play with friends and he was very stubborn with his teachers. He did not like to be told what to do. This turned out to be a blessing in his life because it made him not want to be a soldier and since he lived in Germany during the Second World War that could have been very bad for him. 

   Page 37 Albert Einstein is stubborn
"are you I just didn't want to play with them I just didn't want to play with them One of the character attributes Albert Einstein had was that he was stubborn. For example, One day Albert Einstein was at school and all the other boys invited him to play soldier. But he didn't want to. Then officers and soldiers came in. then the officer said who is that boy over there. That is on his honest John said the other boys
Why do you call him that said the officer? Because he always tells the truth he never lies even if he gets himself in trouble said the other boys. Then the officer went over there to Albert Einstein. You said why are you not playing soldier with the other boys. Did they exclude you. No I just didn't want to play with them said Albert Einstein I don't want to be a soldier when I grow up. The officer was shocked by what the boy had said. All boys grow up to be a soldier said the officer. Not me said Albert Einstein. Then the officer where do you live. When the bell rings after he had told him the address
He was scared from then on to open up doors. He was scared that an officer would show up and that is why Albert Einstein is stubborn.

   Albert Einstein is very smart. For example he had to stay in Germany well his family went to Italy. He had to stay to finish up school. He stayed in Germany for two years while his family was in Italy. He does not like if you wanted to go back to Italy to see his family. He misses them very badly.

   Albert Einstein and you're great person and I would like to be like him because. He is curious he tries to make things even if he almost has no chance at making them. For example he wants tried to make a Boomerang but it took him two months.he is stubborn like I told you. He curious for example he took a hike by himself for a week or so. That is why I want to be like Albert Einstein

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