Sunday, February 1, 2015

Grace talk Primary Presentation 2014

Grace talk Primary Presentation 2014
My Mother nurtures and cares for me by feeding me and by reading to me she also takes time to help me practice on the piano and sing with me. I love when she shows love for me by giving me hugs and kisses and tucking me in at night. She helps to nurture my character by teaching me to work hard. She also cares for me by making sure that I have lots of time to play.
She teaches me about the gospel by having family devotionals at night. We read the scriptures and watch church videos, then we say a family prayer. This helps us to always remember the most important things.
I feel very loved when I hear her pray for us. She teaches us to be kind to each other by setting the example and being nice to us.
We learn to serve and to have gratitude with the fun traditions she creates around the holidays. I love my Mom I know she loves and cares for me so much!!

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