Thursday, January 29, 2015

Am 2015 Goals

Am 2015 Goals

- Daily prayer morn and night
-Temple once a month
-Sunday school lesson every week
-character qualities word studies one per week
-Ensign article once a week
-100% VT

-cut out wheat flour and sugar
- low GI
-work out 3x per week (after baby)
- no frankenfoods

7 principle of happy marriage
Child Whisperer
How to get your kids to practice
Talent is overrated
Trim healthy mama
Healthy sleep habits
Find writing program for Nathan
Help Jarod to get organized at school (study skills, Audrey and Ian Cox)
Duggar dating guidelines
James jones whistle while you work
Growing up Duggar


-weekly date night
-complete 7 principles workbook
-inspire not require

- prayer morning
-Internet safety
- Set up Family financial economy (James Jones)
-research healthy sleep patterns
-set up Norton family dating standards
- continued consistent family devotionals (pick books for devotional basket monthly that go with Duggar qualities)
-research sibling rivalry
-30 min silent reading time daily
-Monthly Dates with each child

-read and use Noah plan (principle approach in everything)
- use family school
-memorize CC timeline song
- conquer math basic skills
- update everyone wunderlist/Ipad with new apps
- increase accountability with memorizations, riggs flashcards etc
- better writing skills
- research study skills
-consistent daily piano practice

Community building
-study skills seminar
-dating seminar
-family builder
-Monthly Mama nights
-writing seminar

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